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Get on board with us. Together we will develop your personal luxury yacht. At Dörries Yachts, your dreams and wishes take centre stage. Our passion for high-quality craftsmanship and customised yacht designs makes us your ideal partner on this exclusive journey.


| About us. 

We are proud to be a yacht builder that works closely and trustfully with our customers. We stand for exclusivity, excellence, expertise and first-class quality. Our projects fulfil the highest of standards.

Are you looking for a customised yacht without long waiting times and at fair prices? Then you've come to the right place. Benefit from shorter construction times and more efficient construction costs. The platforms are already prefabricated, but offer the flexibility to make individual adjustments and fulfil special customer wishes. Luxury yachts from Dörries are unique masterpieces, characterised by German craftsmanship and tireless attention to individual detail.

| Luxury yachts from Dörries. 

We combine everything that is important to you as a future yacht owner. 

Made in Germany

We stand for precision. Our yachts meet the highest standards and proudly bear the Made in Germany label.

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Short delivery times 

We know that time is a decisive factor. As a small yacht builder, we are more flexible and often a little faster than the big players. 

Best craftsmanship

Perfection in every respect. Our highly qualified experts rely on the highest level of craftsmanship and innovative technologies. 

Yacht expertise 

We have been realising yacht dreams for over two decades. Our many years of experience guarantee you the highest level of expertise and quality.

Personalised advice 

We put your visions and needs at the centre of our work. Your personalised support is a matter close to our hearts.

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Attention to detail 

It goes without saying that the little things play a major role for us. It's the details that make the difference in the end.  


Quality as an experience 

Our quality promise: We strive for excellence in every element to offer our customers an unrivalled experience.


Everything from a single source

Full service from idea development to launch. Our highly qualified interdisciplinary teams take care of everything. 

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| Our expertise for you.

From vision to completion – a team of highly qualified specialists makes your dreams come true

We know that the success of a yacht building project lies not only in the quality of the individual trades, but also in the careful coordination and integration of the specialist areas. The yachts we build are high-quality, unique pieces, rich in elegant details. Every project requires an individual mix of skills. Based on your requirements, we put together a team from our pool of experts to meet your needs. Our engineers, shipbuilders, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, designers and craftsmen from various disciplines, work hand in hand to ensure that your project meets the highest standards. Your yacht will not only be technically brilliant, but also aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. We ensure that all aspects of the build are perfectly harmonised.

We’d love to hear your ideas... 

Our Promise 

As a small, highly specialised shipyard, our focus is on the construction of luxury motor yachts. No matter the size - our aim is perfection at all levels. We realise customised yachts at competitive prices in the highest quality "Made in Germany". Our delivery times are comparable to those of leading German suppliers or often even shorter.

Your guarantee

We offer you a warranty period of 24 months from the date of delivery and 60 months for the hull structure. During the first three months, the project manager is responsible for warranty claims together with a dedicated customer service engineer. After the three months until the end of the warranty period, the customer service engineer is your sole point of contact.

| Our history.


This is how it began 

Werner Dörries founds an engineering office in Bremen, Northern Germany. The focus is on quantity and quality control of technical goods at home and abroad. 


New focal points 

Over time, the company shifts its focus to technical and planning-related services, mainly in connection with the construction of motor yachts, and the company is renamed Dörries Yacht Consultants.



Due to increasing demand for maritime services, Werner Dörries founds Dörries Maritime Services GmbH in 2009. 



In spring 2013, Werner Dörries founds Dörries Yachts GmbH, laying the foundation for the Dörries Yachts umbrella brand. Since then, both companies have co-existed on the yacht market and offer different services. Dörries Yachts gradually builds up an interdisciplinary specialist network and has since been advising international customers in connection with the conversion and new construction of motor yachts. The list of new build and conversion projects is growing continuously.


New goals

The Dörries Yachts Group is increasingly focussing on the turnkey conversion and new construction of motor yachts. Dörries Yachts GmbH is awarded the contract for the conversion of a 50-metre motor yacht. Dörries Maritime Services GmbH & Co. KG supports them in handling the order.


The first project company 

The first project company is founded under the Dörries Yachts umbrella brand: Dörries Yachtbau I GmbH. It is awarded the contract to build a 114-metre motor yacht. The Dörries Yachts umbrella brand is protected throughout Europe.


Further companies, new structures 

This is followed by the second independent project company, Dörries Yachtbau II GmbH. It takes over the remaining work on the conversion of the 50-metre motor yacht from Dörries Yachts GmbH. The third independent project company, Dörries Yachtbau III GmbH, is established in the same year. 
Dörries Maritime Services GmbH & Co. KG is transformed into Dörries Werft GmbH. In the future, it will exclusively support the project companies of the Dörries Group. It is responsible for the planning and realisation of the production halls and facilities in Bremerhaven. The tasks of the parent company, Dörries Yachts GmbH, are essentially sales, marketing and public relations for the other companies under the Dörries Yachts umbrella brand.

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